zoological science

zoological science
the branch of biology that studies animals
Syn: ↑zoology
Derivationally related forms: ↑zoological (for: ↑zoology), ↑zoologist (for: ↑zoology)
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brachiate, ↑scaly, ↑scaley, ↑scaled, ↑jointed, ↑unjointed, ↑vagile, ↑caudate, ↑caudated, ↑acaudate, ↑acaudal, ↑pedate, ↑metabolic, ↑metabolous, ↑ametabolic, ↑ametabolous, ↑colonial, ↑compound, ↑unsegmented, ↑nonsegmental, ↑disjunct, ↑metameric, ↑segmental, ↑segmented, ↑univalve, ↑bivalve, ↑bivalved, ↑vertebrate, ↑invertebrate, ↑spineless, ↑viviparous, ↑live-bearing, ↑oviparous, ↑ovoviviparous, ↑warm-blooded, ↑cold-blooded, ↑alular, ↑ambulacral, ↑anguine, ↑annelid, ↑annelidan, ↑anserine, ↑anuran, ↑batrachian, ↑salientian, ↑arachnoid, ↑arachnidian, ↑spidery, ↑spiderlike, ↑spiderly, ↑araneidal, ↑araneidan, ↑arthropodal, ↑arthropodan, ↑arthropodous, ↑artiodactyl, ↑artiodactylous, ↑even-toed, ↑avian, ↑canine, ↑carangid, ↑filariid, ↑siphon, ↑syphon, ↑hood, ↑plastron, ↑collar, ↑protective coloration, ↑mantle, ↑pallium, ↑cloaca, ↑venation, ↑venous blood system, ↑naturalist, ↑natural scientist, ↑estivation, ↑aestivation
Hypernyms: ↑biology, ↑biological science

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